Diversifying Candle Culture

Welcome to Afterglow Candles

East London based.

Our aesthetic is simple.

Our candles are hand poured in small batches.

Our scents are unisex.


The doctor-barber duo behind Afterglow Candles. The business started with a gifted candle making kit in 2019, and the desire to find something creative and fun we could do together.


As long standing candle lovers, we’ve tried to take the best bits from the candles we have seen and purchased over the years, and put our own stamp on it. Our main focus was to combine luxury with affordability, whilst always being mindful of the impact we are having on the environment.

Stick with us to follow the journey...


No unnecessary packaging.  Just recyclable metal candle tins. 


Our candles are 100% plant based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We use a blend of coconut and soy wax, mixed with high quality fragrance oils. 


Made in the UK.

We’ve always wanted to support a cause close to our hearts.  That’s why £1 from every purchase is donated to a charity raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease.  Check out our Instagram page to see which charity we are supporting this month.

We also offer a bespoke candle making service for your special occasion.


Contact us to find out more.

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